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Relationships are better with dancing.

Why Choose Boulder Ballroom?

Boulder Ballroom stands apart from the large chain studios by providing unique services that enhance student learning.  We focus on your specific desires and goals. 1.) The large studios often require students to learn multiple dances and can only teach students certain moves, at certain levels, for certain prices.  We tailor our lessons to the precisely what the student wants. If you only want to learn swing, we’ll only teach you swing. If you are a quick learner, we will progress you on to new moves, better techniques, etc. rather than sell you bigger, pricier dance packages.  2.) Many large studios forbid video recording of lessons. We know that most people are visual learners and we want our students to enjoy dancing as much as we do. Almost everyone has a camera on their phone, we let you use it to record what you’ve learned!  Then, a year or two later, when you have a dance to attend, you can refresh your memory without getting more lessons… but you should still consider getting more lessons 🙂 3.) Best of all, they do 40-50 minute lessonsWe do full 60 minute lessons at an even more affordable price!  

We know that our experienced teachers and our commitment to providing each individual with quality dance instruction will endow our students with a lifelong skill set that will enhance social experiences for years to come.

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Ballroom Dancing Is Everywhere; Not Just at Weddings. Contact Us Today For a Free 30 Minute Lesson.

We Make Ballroom Dancing Easy!

Whether you are interested in private lessons, developing dance technique, or competitive dance, the staff at Boulder Ballroom has established a clear, easy, effective instruction method.   We are proud of our ability to individually evaluate our students and adapt instruction to his or her specific learning style.  Our teachers are also school teachers by day.  We teach to your specific learning style; whether it is visually, audibly, kinesthetically or whatever.  We teach your way to increase your comprehension and boost your knowledge retention.  

Also, ballroom dancing actually makes you smarter!!! Click here for more information on how your neural plasticity, intelligence, and overall well-being are enhanced through ballroom dancing.

First Dances are our Specialty!

Wedding and First Dances

Our Wedding Packages go above and beyond other studios.  We don’t hold back with our choreography, if you can pick it up quick and make it look good, we’ll teach you it.  Other studios are only allowed to show you “certain moves”. Also, we allow you to record at the end of your lesson to help you in your practice better at home..  We will even record ourselves doing your choreography with verbal cues and send it to you to enhance your practices even more. We want our students to amaze their guests… not get frustrated or fight with each other trying to remember “how it goes”.    We have years of experience choreographing dances and always provide our students with the tools necessary to make their dance the best it can be.

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Why You Should Learn to Ballroom Dance:

~Great relationship builder

~Making new friends

~Increased confidence

~Better health

~Fun way to exercise

~Business reasons

~Acquire grace and poise

~Overcome shyness

~Look great on the dance floor

~Chicks dig it

Next Steps…

Don’t spend your whole life watching people have fun on the dance floor.  Take it from our former student, Wilma (see pic below). Contact us today to schedule your first lesson!

Ballroom dancing made easy
It is never too late to learn how to dance

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