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Ballroom Dancing Lessons FAQs

Ballroom Dancing Lessons

Boulder Ballroom
You can look this confident when dancing… only you’ll look classier.

Can I learn to dance?  Can I be as good as the people on ‘Dancing with the Stars’?

Dancing is as easy as walking once you are taught by one of our instructors. We have taught thousands of lessons to hundreds of people. There is no age limit. Our oldest student is over 80 years old… and she is a fireball! Our youngest students just graduated the first grade. If they can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!  However, to be as good as the dancers or stars on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ takes a lot of work! I’ve had people say, “The stars get good in a couple of weeks, why am I not as good as them yet?” The participants on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ practice 40+ hours a week… If you have the time, we can make you DWTS worthy.

Will it take long?

This depends on how many dances you would like to learn,  how proficient you would like to become in each dance, and how quick you pick things up. Some students want to dance ballroom like on ‘Dancing With The Stars’.  Others prefer to not focus on the little details and just want to be great “bar-room” dancers. No matter how good you want to be, you will be able to dance after your first lesson. All of our students can dance to an entire song with confidence within a couple of lessons.

Where are you located?

We teach out of Dance Space in Thornton: 16669 Washington St. Thornton, CO 80023 (near Village Inn and Dick’s Sporting Goods right off of I-25 and Highway 7)

Boulder Ballroom Dance Lessons
Dance Space Performing Arts Academy Location

Are your dance lessons affordable?

Prices vary depending on the number of lessons you choose to purchase in your dance program.  Our lessons are more affordable than any competitor in the area per minute. The big chain studios offer 40 minute lessons, the other locally owned studios offer 50 minute lessons, we offer full 60 minute lessons AND we are the only studio that lets you record what you learn!  

Local Studio Types

Typical Price Per Lesson

(with purchase of dance lesson package)

Lesson Length

Price Per Minute

Franchise Studios


40 min + 5 min for note taking

~$2.75/ min

Locally Owned Studios


50 minutes

~$1.50/ min

Boulder Ballroom


60 minutes AND you can RECORD what you’ve learned!

~That is $1.16 per minute for our best package.

Don’t believe us?  Call them and try to get a quote.  Most studios will never quote their prices over the phone or put them online.  We put them right on our site. Visit their studio, take the ‘free lesson’ and hear the sales pitch.  I guarantee we are the most affordable ballroom dance lesson provider in the area.

Does the fee have to be paid in advance?

Nope. We can arrange a payment plan for you; however, we do offer a discounted rate for students who pay in full, in advance.

Is your system of teaching difficult?

We know every student learns differently. We adapt each lesson to accommodate each student’s learning style. Our head instructor was recognized consistently as one of the top teachers in the nation at one of the largest dance chains in the country. Plain and simple, our system works and students keep coming back for more!

Will I learn steps?

Yes, you will learn steps, however, we want to make you a dancer… not a step-knower. We want our male students to be great leads and our female students to be great follows. We have our ‘leads’ focus more on the steps at first but constantly work to develop their leading skills. We never let our ‘follows’ think they know what is coming next. We want great follows and dynamic partnership, not back leads. (Guys, you know what I’m talking about… they grab your shoulder and drag you around like a rag doll!) We put an end to that right away!

May I take the dance lesson at a time that is convenient for me?

We strive to accommodate the schedules of all our students. If you know your schedule in advance we can reserve the times and days you would like… assuming the time slot is not already taken. We offer discounted rates for students who choose to take lessons during the day (until 5 p.m.).

Will I have a good teacher?

All of our teachers are competent, experienced professionals. All our instructors have completed an arduous training regimen. Two instructors have masters degrees in teaching and one has a bachelors degree in dance. You will be in good hands no matter what your level.

What benefits do I derive?

Dancing is our first line of social activity. Good dancing is a lifetime investment in fun, poise, confidence, improved personality and new friends. Beyond these, dancing is a superb physical conditioner—providing fun without working at it! It opens up a wonderful new world of togetherness and a thriving year-round social calendar!  It also is proven to make you smarter and is the best way to prevent Alzheimer’s!   Click here for more info! 

Do you teach engaged couples for their first dance? Do you do choreography? Do you help couples select wedding dance songs?

Sure do!  First dances and first dance choreography are our specialty!  Click here to be redirected to our wedding page.

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