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Ballroom Dancing Lessons at Boulder Ballroom

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Start learning to dance ballroom today!

What is a private lesson?

A private lesson is one-on-one instruction between you and your teacher, or you, your partner, and your teacher(s).

Group Classes are a great way to learn patterns, but there is no substitute for working one-on-one in a private dance lesson with an accomplished instructor to learn the finer points of dancing. Private lessons will greatly improve your dancing skill.

A private lesson gives students a chance to clarify what you’ve learned and further refine your technique. You can cover one dance or several during your lessons and cover specific questions such as how to execute a particular figure or how to more effectively lead. Your instructor will break down steps to their simplest forms and show you pattern variations to increase your versatility.

While a Group Lesson can teach you a pattern, you may not have completely mastered the technique and be unaware of problems that hold your dancing back. A group class instructor cannot give each student individual attention during the class without slowing the class down.

Many people prefer to take private lessons with a partner so they have someone to use their new knowledge with, and you may split the cost of your private lessons with your partner. For help finding a partner visit our Partner Search Directory or fill out a partner search form available at our front desk.

You’ll receive personalized feedback during your private lesson while you work at your own pace.  If you learn fast and retain what you’ve learned, we will teach you more moves, more dances, more quickly.  Other studios only give you a certain amount of moves for a certain amount of money.  We teach at your speed.  We want to make the world a better place by helping more people learn to dance.  

Group Lessons

We do not offer group lessons.  We do offer private group lessons, however!  So, if you have a bunch of family or friends whom want to learn to dance, book a private group lesson with us!  We promise, we won’t pick on your crazy uncle or aunt too much. 

Reasons to Learn to Dance:

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Now is the best time to start learning to dance

~Great relationship builder
~Making new friends
~Increased confidence
~Better health
~Fun way to exercise
~Business reasons
~Acquire grace and poise
~Overcome shyness
~Look great on the dance floor

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It is never too late to learn how to dance

Top 10 Reasons to Take Private Lessons

1. Privates enable you to learn the most advanced figures and technique.
2. The fastest way to improve your dancing is through private lessons.
3. You select the dance and details you want to work on in your private lesson.
4. Private lessons progress at your own pace.
5. Privates are booked to meet your scheduling needs.
6. Privates allow you 100% individualized attention from your teacher.
7. Your teacher can customize your choreography to maximize your strengths.
8. Private lessons provide a discreet environment where you can ask questions you may not want to ask in front of a large group
9. Privates enable you to feel the highest quality technique, instead of just listening and watching.
10. Private lessons are your most effective tool to taking your dancing to a performance/competition level of proficiency.

Learn How To Ballroom Dance Today!

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