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Your First Dance, Your Memories, Our Passion.

Your First Dance

Your first dance can be an amazing experience and a memory that lasts a lifetime! Your first dance can also be a terrifying disaster and a memory that lasts a lifetime.    At Boulder Ballroom, we will create a customized, unique first dance that minimizes possibilities of messing up and will leave your audience in awe (in a good way).

Everyone messes up their first dance.  Everyone. We address this issue right off the bat.  Not only will we teach you the steps and moves you need to “wow” your family, friends, and guests, but we also give you the tools to overcome any minor or major bumps in the road.  

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We gear our lessons toward teaching the groom to lead and the bride to follow.  100 out of every 100 women who take dance lessons try to back lead the man. They dig their nails into his shoulder and try to “help” him dance by dragging him around the floor.   We put an end to that right away. We teach the groom to lead and try our best to convince the bride to actually let him lead.  We teach him to lead with strength and gentleness.  Leading is done with confidence, not as subjugation. It requires the man to make decisions, to communicate his intentions clearly and then to invite the lady to join him. Now ladies, don’t these sound like qualities that you’d like to find in all men?   Our emphasis on leading and following, rather than just steps, enables both people to be able to dance with other people at your wedding; he can lead anyone, she can follow anyone. You become the life of the party!

Teaching our wedding couples this way is one way we minimize mess ups.  Did he just forget to do a “waterfall twinkle” or a “promenade” when he was supposed to do it?  No problem! After your lessons with us, he’ll know how to lead that move, and many other moves, to save the day.  Nobody will even know you messed up.  In fact, you didn’t mess up, you simply improvised.

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Make their jaws drop with a fantastic first dance.  Don’t make their jaws drop by dropping the bride.

Another unique feature of our wedding lessons is we teach as fast as you learn!  Other studios will only show you a handful of moves for a certain price. We want your first dance to have amazing and unique moves that really make your song and your dance POP rather than just “the basics”.  If you and your fiancee come in to your subsequent lesson with all your previous moves looking great, GREAT! We’ll move on and give you more moves! (If you don’t practice nor learn quickly and come in not knowing the material, we will spend more of your lesson time reviewing).  We have found that most of our couples love dancing together and practicing their moves together and come in practiced and ready for new moves.

We spend the first half of your lessons building an arsenal of moves for you to use.  We spend the last half of your lessons fine tuning the moves (arm styling, etc) so you look like you really know what you’re doing out there.  During the second half of lessons we also work out a game plan for your first dance. Some couples need a fully choreographed routine while others just need a general idea of what they should do to make their dance look the way they want.  Either way, you’ll look amazing.

Lastly, we are the ONLY studio that lets you record the moves you learned so you can practice at home!  As stated before, we want your first dance to be outstanding, and recording the moves will help you learn at a much faster rate and minimize the “that’s not how it goes” fight some couples experience when they take lessons from other studios.  

As we get to know you more and more, we will use your personalities to create an individualized, unique, custom first dance that showcases your relationship and your love for one another.  Some couples want the elegant, perfect flowing dance while other couples like to add a bit of humor into their dance. Either way, after lessons with us, you’ll be able to dance at your wedding and even at other weddings, on cruises, or wherever there is music!  Give us a call today to set up a free 30 minute lesson so we can show you how easy and fun dancing is and discuss our wedding packages. Don’t wait! The sooner you start, the better you’ll be on your big day.

We offer lessons at Dance Space Performing Arts Academy of Thornton, CO

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Boulder Ballroom provides affordable instruction to engaged couples with what should be the highlight of their wedding reception; the first dance. We have the experience and the know how to assist in all phases of making your first dance something special. Founder and choreographer, Andy Krogh, has been actively teaching and choreographing many styles of partnered dancing for over 11 years.  His choreography will capture the personalities of the bride and groom, making your first dance as unique as you.

We can also help with your music. Many couples today have more than one “our song”. They have two or three and just can’t choose which one to dance to. No problem. We’ll help you pick the best song to dance to to make you look your best.    Choreography is also included in all wedding packages. We will choreograph and re-choreograph until you have a routine that you enjoy and that matches your music and also your personalities.

The best part is you ACTUALLY learn to dance, not just do steps in a routine!  Many studios just teach a routine; leaving you unable to really dance to other songs throughout the evening… not to mention your marriage.  We teach you to DANCE TOGETHER!  Two people become one flowing, connected unit.  Imagine having your first dance together amaze your friends and family… and then your 2nd… and then 3rd… and then 15th…  People will see your true connection out on the dance floor the night of your wedding.  


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